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This page lists a few hobby projects of mine. For the most part they are unrelated to what I do at my day job.

8-bit Computers

I’ve built two 8-bit single-board computers inspired by the 1980-s home microcomputers. I’ve borrowed ideas from excellent projects such as RC2014, Grant Searle’s homebuilt electronics and Sergey Kiselev’s computers.

The first computer is built from only 6 chips, it runs BASIC. At its heart is a Z80 CPU running at around 7 MHz. It has 32 KiB of static RAM and 32 KiB of ROM.

first computer


PCB design files

The second computer is a little bit more advanced. It runs at whopping 10 MHz and includes a few extra features such as:

second computer


PCB design files

Nixie Tube Clock

nixie tube clock

This is a basic digital clock using soviet IN-12 tubes and K155ID1 driver ICs. The enclosure is 3D-printed.

PCB design files, enclosure CAD model, firmware

“Little Mac” Smart Clock

A small internet-connected clock inspired by classic Macintosh computers. I keep it on my bedside table.

The bigger part of this project was designing and 3D-printing the enclosure. It’s powered by Onion Omega running OpenWRT-based embedded Linux. The screen is a 128x64 OLED from Adafruit. Software is written in Go, uses periph library, and includes implementation of SSD1325 display controller protocol.

little mac clock

CAD model and software

WiFi-connected Tabletop Traffic Light

traffic light

I took a cheap toy traffic light and turned it into a WiFi-connected indicator. It can be used e.g. to show status of a Jenkins build. In this project I used the ubiquitous ESP8266 WiFi module. The firmware is based on MongooseOS.

PCB design files and firmware

Kamaji Quiz Game Controller

Kamaji is a purpose-built device for playing in-person quiz games similar to Jeopardy. It’s a lock-out device which also tracks user scores and time according to the game’s rules.

I worked on this project with a few friends. We designed several versions of the device and built around a dozen of units.


Design files and source code


VictoriaOS is one of my oldest projects. It’s a primitive DOS-like operating system. I wrote it to learn x86 assembly and computer architecture when I was in high school.

VictoriaOS screenshot

Source code Website (in Russian)

Telegram Bots

Miscellaneous Software